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Learning how to be a good person

Every person at FCA, including teachers, office assistants and parents, help rear our children in a loving, professional Christian setting. My son is not only learning his “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” he’s learning how to be a good person, man, Christian, student, friend, brother and son.

Parents of a fourth grader

FCA is caring and supportive of the students

The teachers and staff of FCA are who/what make FCA special. They are all very caring and supportive of the students. They make my children feel special. There is no better school in the Cheraw area and our prayer is that FCA will grow so much that those final four grades (9-12) can be added!

Parents of preschooler and first grader who commute from Wadesboro

We absolutely love FCA

We are the parents of a seven year old boy who was enrolled at FCA this past year. We absolutely love it! FCA offers an amazing opportunity for learning, not only academically, but spiritually. FCA is a wonderful place for children. The children are able to learn about the world around them with God in the center of their learning. I want my child to not only learn with his head, but also learn with his heart...FCA is a blessing to our family.

Parents of a first grader

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