Events for March
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Day 6

Otis Lennon Testing...

Time: 8:15 am, Single Event

Otis Lennon Test given to 2nd-8th graders today.

Tags: standardized testing

Day 7
Day 8

3rd-8th Gr Trip Charlotte...

Time: 8:00 am, Single Event

The third and fourth graders will visit the Children's Theater of Charlotte.

Tags: field trips

Day 9
Day 10

BBQ and Bake Sale...

Time: 11:00 am, Single Event

FCA BBQ and Bake Sale from 11 am until 2 pm.

Tags: special events

Day 11
Day 12

Stanford Testing Begins...

Time: 8:00 am, Single Event

Standardized testing for 2nd - 8th graders begins today with the practice test.

Tags: standardized testing

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Day 20

3rd Gr Columbia...

Time: 7:30 am, Single Event

The class will tour the Governor's Mansion and State House.

Tags: field trips

Day 21

Report Cards...

Time: 2:30 pm, Single Event

Third (nine week) grade report issued.

Tags: report cards

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Day 29

Classroom Easter Parties...

Time: 1:45 pm, Single Event

Students celebrate in classrooms at 1:45 pm.

Tags: special events

Day 30

Easter Holidays...

Time: 8:00 am, Single Event

Easter Holidays March 30 - April 6. Classes resume April 9.

Tags: school holidays

Day 31

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